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19 March 2020

MJ Designs becomes a part of Blackoutmods

The Acquisition was announced on Tuesday, the Greek Blackoutmods and MJ Designs will continue together making the Greek company's production even better. The companies have been working together for longer time on the developments of Blackout, like nitro, gasser and turbine helicopters.

MJ Designs becomes a part of Blackoutmods

Blackout just reported all the details recently in their news section. It is expected the new developments will arrive in higher volume and quicker than before. 

The Blackout is the company behind the Synergy, Align, and Logo gasser conversion kits, and many interesting other models, including the turbine, nitro and electric models. The company is known about the very high quality and elegant designs, which are represented in the details as well. 

As Dionysis Gouskos (Dennis, CEO) expressed on the website:

Lots of people asked me before via messages & e-mails about the possibility to design more of Gasser Helis, Designs that will fine-Tune Nitro Models and also about a Super EXTREME Projects Designed for Electric Helis! Well.. Now that BLACKOUT Team is getting bigger and bigger, i can assure you that we will see amazing things for all these kind of RC Helicopters.

It is assumed, the following years will open the gasser sector up within RC modelling, and as the demand increases, the company will announce further conversion kits, and perhaps newer models as well.