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16 March 2020

RC modelling under lockdown
Model airfields closed officially in European countries

As parts of COVID-19 tackling measures, more countries are banning many outdoor activities, sport events among many other restrictions. The RC model flying is literally suspended in more countries.

RC modelling under lockdown

It is not confirmed officially, but all model airfields are closed since 4PM, Sunday in Austria, then Germany followed its neighbour.

The DMFV (Deutscher Modellflieger Verband e.V.) informed the German modellers this afternoon, local authorities have ordered to keep all facilities closed. Although the "green field" modelling remains legal apparently, it is not recommended.

Modelling remains legal in Hungary, but all model flying events are forced to be canceled, because the regulations of Hungarian Government similar to the German measures. However, the Association of Hungarian Modellers strongly advice its members not to fly over the following weeks until further notice.

The United Kingdom is quite different at the moment. No events cancelled, no activities banned so far.

Many events cancelled worldwide

Among the big events the Dubai Masters 2020 was cancelled earlier, this month, then the Rotor Live was cancelled Wednesday, last week, just 3 days before the dates. This cancellation was followed by Global 3D a day later as a prevention. In the United States the Flipper Fun Fly is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic situation.

After the Rotor Live cancellation, few of the companies supposed to be at the venue organised plan B events online. The German Mikado announced the new Logo 200 online, and the new VControl Touch updates were announced on the Internet. Egodrift managed to keep the "The Battle" competition as a closed event which was streamed at us. 

More follows....