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14 March 2020

Egodrift: The battle - Egodrift Team Event
About to start

The Egodrift Rotor Live replacement event is now started. The first round of the Battle will be around 1:30 CET. All important moments will be broadcasted.

Egodrift: The battle - Egodrift Team Event

All broadcasts will be available at: https://facebook.com/rchelicopterhub

The Battle first round will be at 1:30PM (CET)


14/03/2020 14:26:51

Round 2 - finals

The final order:

  1. Moritz Pförtner
  2. Andrei Tripolt
  3. Mathias Neubauer and Marius Gehle

Marius and Mathias crashed in the finals.

14/03/2020 12:52:44

Round 1 is over

Pilots in the finals:

  • Mathias Neubauer
  • Moritz Pförtner
  • Andrei Tripolt
  • Marius Gehle
14/03/2020 12:25:48

The Battle Begins

the pilots and judges are ready and preparing for the battle. 

14/03/2020 11:18:27

Egodrift Team Event just starts

All the pilots ready, flying field is prepared. Details are coming soon.