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12 March 2020

Global 3D 2020 Cancelled
Organisers don't take the risk of late cancellation

The Global 3D this year is now officially cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic situation. The organiser cannot guarantee that the event will haven't be cancelled later, therefore the prevention any financial losses of sponsors, attendees reasons the decision.

Global 3D 2020 Cancelled

Organiser of Global 3D posted the decision on their Facebook page this afternoon. As the post explains the decision:

As soon as we would announce the Pilot List, people would buy plane tickets and reserve hotels and cars which are mostly nonrefundable, and we don’t want people to lose money over this. Running an event this size also brings a considerable financial commitment for the organizers. We have therefore concluded that's it's too large a risk to run GLOBAL 3D in 2020.

 The first event being cancelled was the Dubai Masters earlier this month, then Rotor Live followed it just 3 days before the official dates causing many problems for attendees and participating companies. This is the risk which is not taken by Global 3D now. 

The Global 3D will return in 2021.