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09 March 2020

Egodrift "The Battle" at Rotor Live 2020
Egodrift pilots compete with each other

Egodrift will make the show even bigger. Eight pilots from five nations will compete with each other in a fantastic show during the ROTOR Live in Iffezheim, Germany on the weekend. Who will make the most breath-taking show - let's see at the venue!

Egodrift "The Battle" at Rotor Live 2020

Come and watch EGODRIFT team pilots from five nations battle it out for best of show in the ultimate showdown: "EGODRIFT The Battle" - live at the ROTOR Live expo in Iffezheim, Germany, from 14th March to 15th March 2020. Featuring special show act: Kan Poonnoi.

This exciting new heads-up format will see pairs of two contestants, flying against each other simultaneously and seeking to impress the judges - and most of all you: the audience - with their show program. The flight time for each battle is limited to only 90 seconds, so get ready for adrenaline-packed action.

Points will be by awarded for show factor and professionality, with as few other restrictions as possible to inspire creativity and freedom - and to bring you the most amazing shows during your ROTOR Live attendance.

Here are the Round 1 (Saturday) matchups:

Moritz Pförter (Germany) vs. David Gerster (Switzerland)

Carl-Henning Siebert (Germany) vs. Andrei Tripolt (Austria)

Krisztián Nagy (Hungary) vs. Matthias Neubauer (Austria)

Lukasz Olchawa (Poland) vs. Marius Gehle (Germany)

The winners of round 1 will advance to the finals (Round 2) on Sunday and face each other competing for ranks 1-4.

Who will take home the victory? Who will claim the bragging rights in "The Battle"?

Come and find out - visit EGODRIFT at ROTOR Live expo in Iffezheim, Germany! See you there!

And if you cannot attend... RCHELICOPTERHUB.com will report it.


More to follow...