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08 March 2020

1st-RC products at Hely-Shop.co.uk
Servos, rotor blades and buffer packs in the shop

Hely-shop.co.uk introduces the 1st-RC products including rotor blades between 380 and 700 class, tail blades, servos and buffer packs. The Swiss brand will be available at Hely-shop.co.uk in the next couple of weeks.

1st-RC products at Hely-Shop.co.uk

1st-RC is brand belongs to the Swiss Xelaris AG. The European manufacturer's product line is now available at the Hely-shop. 1st-RC has 20 years experience in product development. 1st-RC products represent a good quality accompanied with affordable prices - Hely-Shop informed us.

The products are now listed in the Hely-shop.co.uk webshop, and will be in stock from middle of March as it is planned.