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07 March 2020

AccuRC: Logo 550SX and three new blades arrive
The simulator still on sale

The AccuRC 2.0.12 will contain the very popular Mikado Logo 550 SX helicopter. This version will give you three blade options as well in 550 size: RotorTech 560, Rail 556 and a real classic, the EDGE 553. Finally but last: the simulator is still on sale

AccuRC: Logo 550SX and three new blades arrive

AccuRC decided to switch the shopping currency from pounds to U.S. dollars. But the price is still kept the same figure with the cheaper currency. Instead of £39.99, the professional simulator is available for $39.99 (what is just a bit more than 30 pounds apparently). Originally the sale was supposed to end by March, but it is prolonged.

The new version, the 2.0.12 is about to arrive, however, the new blades and the Logo 550 SX is now available in beta (test) branches on Steam.