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06 February 2020

New SAB Goblin Urukay
Release date announced

The new SAB Goblin Urukay - this is the next big project at the SAB Heli Division. As few of the pilots know already - the Italian helicopter company is working on the next edition of its F3C model.

New SAB Goblin Urukay
The new SAB Goblin Urukay / Photos: SAB Heli Division / Click for more...

The new Urukay expected to merge the experiences of the Goblin Kraken and the predecessor Urukay model, because the project is based on the experiences of Ennio Graber, who has got the 2nd place at the F3C World Championship with a standard Goblin Kraken in Germany last summer.

That model was the production version of the Kraken in more F3C style colour scheme and it has got different blades for the purpose.

The new F3C model, the next version of SAB Goblin Urukay planned to be released in the second quarter of the year, around April-May. 

Further details soon...

New SAB Goblin Urukay