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05 February 2020

New social media channels for RCHELICOPTERHUB
Reaching wider community

The RCHelicopterHub is breaking out of the Facebook-Youtube-Twitter hegemony, and it's available on alternative channels as well.

New social media channels for RCHELICOPTERHUB

The Facebook-Youtube-Twitter channels are important, but time keeps changing. Twitter never was a popular platform for us, but we are maintaining it as a classic social media platform. Youtube is a kind of must have, although, we are still considering to switch or use other video platforms. The Facebook was the main social media platform so far...

But Mark Zuckerberg managed us to review our portfolio. Probably you noticed already, but there's is nothing popping up on your newsfeed than useless memes, silly videos, unwanted fake news and uncounted paid advertisements. Our community (there are 10.000 people) barely can see our posts without payment. Sorry, we are still a non-profit website, we don't want to pay more just to reach our own community. Visits from organic search are hiking up over the social media. 

This led us to check alternative, better balanced platforms. And this is why new platforms have been discovered then introduced.


Okay, this is not new, but it wasn't strongly linked so far, it's used only. But it is there. RCHelicopterHub is available on Instagram with many photos, and couple of videos. We keep it updated: https://instagram.com/rchelicopterhub/

VKontakte - vk.com

If you don't know this platform, it is not your fault. This is the "Russian Facebook", and available in multiple languages (including English). The platform is more popular on East than the Facebook. Less censorship, better balance among the posts, fewer unwanted advertisements, everything which was provided by Facebook ages ago. It does not know as much as the Western competitor, but provides real freedom compared to Facebook. Brand new, and we keep it updated as much as the Facebook page. Brand new, we are still learning how it works.



Tumblr is targeting younger generation than Facebook, and way cleaner. It is a better channel to reach the younger generation than the mammoth channel. Because this hobby is for young people (as well), we have created our Tumblr page as well.



It is a totally different approach of sharing our contents. The platform is not new, but we have never used it before (okay, one of us has). So we are still learning, apparently this is our weakest platform, but it will be better by the time. At least it exists, and RCHelicopterHub is available there as well.



All channels are maintained at the same level, come and follow us where you want - not just on Facebook if you don't want to miss the newest posts.