Maximilian Zick
04 February 2020

Winter Heli-Pitch 2020
The best possible weekend in February

Last weekend, on 1st of February the Winter Heli-Pitch event took in place at the MFSU Treubach in Austria. At first it looked like it was going to rain, but in the morning of the event the sun was shining and the thermometer was rising constantly.

Little by little, many pilots came from Lake Constance, from all of Bavaria, from all of Austria and even a few from Switzerland. At the end there were about 45 pilots who could make enough flights spread over two flight stations. Well-known pilots attended like the Austrian national champion of F3N, Matthias Neubauer, Michal Bencur with super nice nitro flights, myself as a Global 3D pilot, speed legend Robert Sixt, Soxos team pilot Marius Blöchinger, XL Power pilot Juri Kulikov, Stefan Finster and Manuel Madaini from Team Horizon Hobby and many more...

In addition, of course, Team Maggi was at the beginning, it was almost a home game for them. They provided the extra atmosphere and made everyone laugh with crazy actions. One of the highlights was "The big 300 sized Heli purge". About 10 helicopters (few Oxy 3, Fireball and Blade 360) flown at the same time with music and colourful smoke…

At the end only 3 helis survived the purge 😀 Also there were hot food, drinks and some music. The mood was brilliant, we laughed a lot and when we got home, everyone had a smile on his face. It was a very successful meeting with great organisation, great atmosphere, great pilots and the best weather you can imagine in February!

Next Heli-Pitch meeting will take in place at MFSU Treubach Austria from 5th to 7th of June. See you there: D

Winter Heli-Pitch 2020