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31 January 2020

Synergy manufactures their carbon parts in-house
New vendor to be chosen

The Synergy is cutting the carbon parts in-house apparently, whilst the company is about to decide, which future partner will manufacture these parts.

Synergy manufactures their carbon parts in-house
Photo: Synergy R/C

The Synergy R/C has terminated the previous partnership contract with Yintech earlier in January, and took the production back from China to the United States. The termination is the outcome of a serious argument between the companies over the intellectual property rights in terms of spare parts. These spare parts are produced by Synergy now. The company has received many offers of machine shops for future production - told by Matt Botos -  choosing one of them is the current step. 

Synergy is not adjusted for higher volume of manufacturing, this is why the outsourcing is an ideal and cheaper solution for the company. At the same time, the company is able to maintain the supply with in-house production as well. This in-house production and the termination of the previous contract is happening at best time for them, because in terms to the manufacturing the company is one of the few which is not affected by the current situation in China.