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31 January 2020

Brexit - UK leaves EU
How the RC heli hobby affected?

The United Kingdom leaves the European Union in 6 hours. At 11 PM in the UK, midnight in Europe, the 3 and a half year long neither in nor out saga ends. Another one just about to start.

Brexit - UK leaves EU

This website will not tell you what to think: good or bad. It happens, this is how Brits voted, this is how politicians decided. But how will the hobby be affected tomorrow and later? Short answer is: not at all. 

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom negotiated a deal with the European bureaucrats, which was rejected by the Parliament, and so on and so on... At the end, the deal has been approved by all, this is why a transition period starts tonight and lasts until end of this year. During this period most things remain as they are now.

Later on, there can be changes, but most likely these changes will not affect RC heli pilots too much. Helicopters from Asia and America will arrive as now - including the customs and VAT rules applied now. But brands - like SAB or Mikado - will may be affected. Now when you shop something from Germany, you pay the German Mehrwertsteuer (alias VAT) which is 19% included in the price. Worst case scenario is, you will buy these products in the future with no Mehrwertsteuer, then you will have to pay the UK VAT (20%) when your parcel enters the country. One per cent difference is not the end of the world. Or if you don't want to do this difficult process, you will order more from local retailers, they will do the procedure instead of you. Customs to be paid not expected at the moment. 

If you are a Brexiter, then well done, the country is out, and you are right, this is not going to destroy or even impact the hobby. If you are a remainer, then not to worry - at least because of this - nothing serious will happen. Brexit is just a symbolic event in terms of the hobby.