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31 January 2020

Tron 5.5
New brand enters the hobby

A new helicopter brand enters the RC helicopter hobby: Tron Helicopters. And the first model will arrive soon: Tron 5.5. Although, the brand is new, the expertise behind is not questionable.

Tron 5.5
Credit: Tron Helicopters / click for more...

The company is in partnership with Yintech, which is not unknown in RC helicopter industry. One of the key members of the project is Dario Neuenschwander, professional RC helicopter pilot and the world champion of FPV Drone racing in 2017. The project started in 2019.

The new model, Tron 5.5 is a 550 class model designed for 6-12 cell configurations with big battery compartment and quick release system. Tron Helicopters promises a lightweight, but robust model, which can receive wide-range of motors with 5 mm motor shaft. It has got an octagonal tail boom which doesn't require additional tail support. The belt driven tail unit is controlled by either mini or full size servo via a carbon push rod. The main shaft is driven through motor pinion and slant main gear. Cyclic servos can be mini servos - which is typical in this class. The helicopter will be available in four colour schemes: orange-black, black-orange, green-black and yellow-black.

Later on a downsize conversion kit to 520 will be released as well.

Retail price and dealers are not announced at the moment. 

Tron Helicopters is planning to present the model on 14th of March in Iffezheim, Germany at the Rotor Live 2020, although it is assumed, this date may change due to the current epidemic situation in China. Dario Neuenschwander told us earlier, they can match the tight deadline, if the virus prevention measures don't change, and the timeline is not going to be delayed more.

Tron 5.5