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29 January 2020

Wuhan coronavirus: how it affects the hobby
Disruptions expected

The mainstream media is talking about the epidemic constantly, this is the main topic now. We have asked China-based companies, how they are affected by the virus in order to supply and release plans. Disruptions can be expected.

Wuhan coronavirus: how it affects the hobby

In response the Chinese authorities have ordered the companies and people not to work until 10th of February (end of the Chinese New Year) as it is known and planned apparently. Schools remain closed longer. Companies planned to continue their businesses from the 9th are not affected at the moment, but few companies have planned to start earlier originally due to their plans. These companies may be affected.

XLPower was going to continue its operation on 1st of February, the new year break is now prolonged until 10th of February. This extension might delays the release date of Protos Nitro. Ra Kabun said

Let’s see when the virus problem will be solved
 XLPower has informed all dealers about these delays caused by the applied transport control of China in email.

Tron helicopters is planning to keep the original date of releasing the new Tron 5.5, but Dario Neuenschwander informed us, the timeline is quite tight, delays possible, especially if they cannot continue the business normally on the day after 9th of February, however, the final plan - being ready by Rotor Live - still seems to be intact even though.

Georges van Gansen, MD/CEO of Scorpion Power System co. Ltd told us, they are stocked up for longer time, the supply is unaffected. They are able to manage even months if it will be required in an extremely unlikely case.

Filip Ban from ManiaX ensured everyone, the ManiaX Power Tech hasn't planned to open its manufacturing facilities until 9th of February anyway, they keep everything under control apparently.

General situation

Government of China has applied a public transportation control, which affects all deliveries from or in the country. All companies have to face delivery disruptions, even so, the stock is available. Products sent from China will arrive with delays.

Many companies rely on Chinese manufacturing and deliveries, even so, the company is not headquartered in China, components of the products arrive from the Asian country in many cases. At this moment the lockdown impacting the country is planned until 10th of February. Further details and plans are not known.

Updates to follow...