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16 January 2020

Reboot: the site changes
What's behind the silence

If you follow rchelicopterhu.uk, probably you know what led into the silence in the last month. Happened what happened to us and the simulator company, the argument became a bit more serious than it was necessary, led into a short silence, which was way longer than planned. But this argument was not the real reason.

Reboot: the site changes

There are few consequences of this argument, like the new terms & conditions section written by lawyers, replacing the original one. Basically as before: you are visiting the pages on your own risks.

As a prevention, a new feature is introduced on the website, couple of pages will not be available in few countries anymore. Not because they violate any regulations (most likely), just it is easier preventing any problems, because not possible to know and follow the regulations of 200+ countries exactly.

And from now on products produced by companies behaving childish will not be recommended on the website. When people representing a company behave like this, the customer support is not going to be different. We think, customer should be the most important, we don't assist these companies. These companies will simply be banned in any context to the website and on its channels from now on.

The real reason of the silence

The team of rchelicopter.hu counts 4-5 people with various participation, the main guy is me. Sadly, I've got a chronic illness about a year ago, which does not affect my daily life generally, except in active periods. Unfortunately, a period started again just after Christmas making me unable to do anything more serious.

Rest of the time was spent on a big change to be implemented. And this is the biggest change since the website was launched:


The site changes its name: RCHELICOPTERHUB. Initially the website was supposed to cover the UK news only in relation to the Hungarian edition, then it turned into an international platform, which wasn't followed by its name. This is happening now, and in the next couple of months. The name remains the original at some places, but it is changing now everywhere else. When this article is published, the site is running on both URLs already: rchelicopterhu.uk and rchelicopterhub.com.

Content changes are also planned, however not everything is finalised yet. Stay tuned, more follows soon....