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17 December 2019

VControl Touch Aluminium case
Upgrade from 3D Miniature Engineering

The Australian 3D Miniature Engineering released a new product: aluminium case upgrade kit for Mikado VControl Touch transmitters. Everything required for the upgrade is included.

VControl Touch Aluminium case

3D Miniature Engineering is planning to produce this upgrade kit for Mikado VControl Touch transmitters. The aluminium case provides higher durability and gives even more elegant look to the original Mikado VControl Touch transmitter. This case made of 6061T6 aluminium with CNC machinery. The handing grips and socket covers made of 40D polyethylene. The antenna mounted on a custom plastic stand to guarantee the original signal strength, as the metal metal mount would shield the signal. 

The company offers multiple colour variations and even custom laser engraving is possible, the transmitter can be customised indeed.

This is a startup project, therefore the production will start, when 20 orders received by the company. Pre order is free, however, upon production the final price will be between 850 and 980 Asutralian dollars (engraving and delivery not included), depending on the volume of the order.

More info and pre order at the company's website.

VControl Touch Aluminium case