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17 December 2019

AccuRC 2.0.11 released
Four new models, new blade and feature tweaks included

The last version of AccuRC just released. The version 2.0.11 is now available to all AccuRC users. Among others, SAB Goblin Urukay, Oxy 5 Meg in two configurations and Tarot 600 have got added to the package. Logo 800 is also updated. The new blade is a very nice RotorTech 610 Ultimate.

AccuRC 2.0.11 released
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The new release is focusing on the new models, but it contains some tweaks as well. There was an annoying bug in the software, which could crash whilst the helicopter crash landed sideways. Also the shadow rendering wasn't so nice in multiplayer mode under the remote helicopters, this is now also nice.

Tarot 600 (the red Tarot) is available from now. Thanks to Anastasia Garbuzova, who re-modelled the helicopter in CAD, both the 6S and the 12S Oxy 5 Meg are also parts of this package. And first time ever, a dedicated F3C model, the SAB Goblin Urukay is now among the available models.

The Mikado Logo 800 was included in the simulator previously, however it was the prototype model seen at Rotor Live 2019. Since then the real model has changed a lot, now the virtual model in the simulator matches these changes.

A new blade is available from now on, Jonas Wackershauser has built the virtual version of RotorTech 610 Ultimate, which looks very nice and shiny.

The new version will update for all AccuRC users when the computer is online.

AccuRC 2.0.11 released