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15 December 2019

AccuRC: OXY 5 Meg added
Alpha and beta branches contain the model

AccuRC just released the Oxy 5 Meg in the Precision Simulator. Although the model is available in Alpha and Beta branches yet, it will be in the production version as well with the 2.0.11 update.

AccuRC: OXY 5 Meg added

The model was re-created in CAD by Anastasia Garbuzova, this is one of the few models which are not built in AccuRC by the original CAD files. Anastasia re-modelled the helicopter. 

The new model is available in both 6 and 12 cell configuration and comes with the also brand new RotorTech 610 Ultimate blades. This model the first Oxy helicopter in AccuRC.

And we have tested it - in multiplayer mode.

AccuRC: OXY 5 Meg added