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09 December 2019

SAB Goblin Urukay in AccuRC
Alpha branch has got the model

The SAB Goblin Urukay as the first F3C model is in AccuRC from now on. Although it is available only in the alpha branch currently, but it will be in the 2.0.11 production release very soon. The model has arrived with the update yesterday, and AccuRC announced it this afternoon. We tested it.

SAB Goblin Urukay in AccuRC
SAB Goblin Urukay / Click for more...

The new SAB Goblin Urukay is that precise again as all the models in the Precision Simulator. And its behaviour is very good, although it can behave a bit weird on the ground after landing - not to forget, this is the test version still. The quality of the porting into the virtual world is super-smooth, all tiny details are in including the "Be Original" label.

The virtual model has got the Egodrift Tengu 4525 HS / 470kV motor, Kontonik Kosmik ESC, SAB batteries, KST MS 3012 HV servos on the cyclic and KST MS 1035 HV servo on the tail. The helicopter swings SAB 730 TB F3C blades alongside the 115 mm Thunderbolt tail blades. All components are customisable and configurable. The model arrives with the whole Ennio Graber F3C fuselage design.

The model is in the Alpha branch now, but the production release of 2.0.11 will contain this model as well.


SAB Goblin Urukay in AccuRC