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09 December 2019

F3C and F3N GBR teams ready for 2020
Members of both teams selected

Both the F3C and F3N GBR teams announced the members of the teams for 2020. They will represents the United Kingdom at the official international F3C and F3N competitions, including the Euro Championships in August.

F3C and F3N GBR teams ready for 2020

The F3C Team will be Steve Roberts, Ian Emery, Roger Mayo and the junior member is Scott Mayo. Team manager is Paul Roberts. All well known members of the UK heli community, and everyone has got experience in international competitions as well, as they all competed in the F3C Euro Heli Series in 2019 and the previous years. All gained good results, the best is Steve Roberts, who is often finishing at the top of the result lists.

The F3N Team will be Duncan Osbourn, Callum Henson, Dave Fisher and George Isaacs in junior. Duncan is now a traditional winner of all UK competitions, Callum is known and also very successful competitor finishing around the 2nd, 3rd, 4th places.Dave Fisher is also among the top pilots, he joined to the SAB UK team recently after many years with Align. George Isaacs is one of the UK talents improving his knowledge rapidly. All well known members of the UK community.