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06 December 2019

JR returns with Forza 700
The model comes back in December

The last version of JR Forza 700 was released in 2014. When the company, JR went bankrupted, the model just simply disappeared from the market, but now like a phoenix, it returns. And the Forza 700 2020 will be available in 2019.

JR returns with Forza 700
JR Forza 700 / Photos: Ah Clem / Click for more...

The JR returns to life with the Forza 700 as well. The helicopter is exactly the same as the well known, very reliable 2014 version, all parts are compatible - as Ah Clem informed us. The kit will come in a form of airframe, with no electronics and blades. The standard price is $1119.99. The kit can be pre-ordered now.

The quality and finish of the CF and machined aluminum parts is extremely high. The tail boom is the standard aluminum tube, but it is inside of a CF cover which makes it extremely stiff and accurate. Although it is possible to build and fly the model without the cover and to use standard boom supports, but it will lose some of the stiffness.

The JR filed bankruptcy in 2017, since 2018 the Dee Force Aviation owns the JR PROPO name, the company took over all the products and they are bringing all back under the name: JR PROPO, so the brand is now alive. Therefore the list of the dealers is available here.

This video below presents the Forza 700. It was recorded at 3D Heli Masters in 2014, in Venlo (this is not the same airfield, where the Global 3D is taken in place now). Pilot is Hiroki Ito, commentator is Nik Johnson.

JR returns with Forza 700