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28 November 2019

Tarot 600 in AccuRC
Alpha release has got the new model

AccuRC just informed us, the Tarot 600 is in the new version of the precision simulator now, although this means only the Alpha (test) version for now. The production release will contain the model soon as well. We just checked the Alpha version, and indeed, the model is available.

Tarot 600 in AccuRC

The model will come with Egodrift motor and RotorTech blades by default, and this is the red, 600 class version. The model can be tested virtually in AccuRC soon.

Actually the Alpha branch contains this model, as it has to be tested, when the test is finished successfully, the model will get in the production release as well.

This model is our success a little bit as well, as the RCHELICOPTER.HU helped to make the agreement between Tarot and AccuRC. The original agreement was born just after the Helifest 2019, in June, this year. This is why the model in the Precision Simulator is as accurate as the real one.