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28 November 2019

Mikado Glogo 690 is NOT discontinued
Refuted by Kyle Dahl

Just broke out at more places Thursday afternoon: Mikado is finishing the GLogo Nitro. But this is FALSE information, Mikado is definitely not stopping the Glogo series. Kyle Dahl himself refuted the news to us.

Mikado Glogo 690 is NOT discontinued

Kyle Dahl from Mikado USA told that Mikado just finished one production run of the Glogo, but Mikado put all the effort into the brand new Logo 800 model, this is why a delay is suffered by the Glogo 690. When the Logo 800 is out, Mikado will make another batch of Glogo 690 which will make the supply more consistent. The Mikado Logo 800 is expected to be released very soon. No exact date announced yet, as unexpected problems in the supply chain could affect the announced release date badly. Mikado promises unofficially, the Glogo 690 will be constantly available by January, 2020.

When Kyle heard the news and our question, he was shocked and surprised. As he expressed:

The Glogo is in no way discontinued.

And this is proven by that as well, it was reported a week ago, Kyle Dahl and the Blackout are working hard on the Gasser conversion kit for Glogo 690, which would not make any sense without a constant and stable product on the market.

The confusion was caused by Mikado USA unintentionally, as the company made the Glogo 690 invisible due to Black Friday and a technical problem, because this was the only product which would not have been discounted. It was easier to simply hide it for the weekend.

There is no reason to panic, Mikado USA will put the product back in the catalog Tuesday morning.