Horváth, Miklós
23 November 2019

Frozen Blades – end season fun fly
SRCM airfield, tea, greasy bread and many-many flights

One month after the end season fun fly of Halásztelek and its neighbourhood RC Helicopter Group the Sokoró RCM - organised by Krisztián Nagy - invited the interested pilots to an end season fun fly.

Frozen Blades – end season fun fly
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It was excellent! In detail: it was terribly excellent!

It was windy and sunny, clouds and clear sky, 8-10 degrees, a bit of freezing, and very well organised all together. Hungarian and Austrian pilots took off their helicopters, among them Krisztián Nagy and Andrei Tripolt, the pilots of Egodrift.

It is hard to describe what happened in the air. What can be imagined, everything. The pilots confuted the aerodynamics. We were really happy, because Vincent Offenbeck, one of the owners of Egodrift honoured the day by his presence.

One thing is certain, this has never happened in Hungary before: Hungarian and Austrian international end season fun fly. We were chatting, fixing, telling stories and warming up a bit, then we went to fly again and again until the Sunset.

It will remain memorable to us for a long time!

Frozen Blades – end season fun fly