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21 November 2019

XLPower Protos Nitro to arrive
First photos published

Ra Kabun just shared the first photos about the new XLPower Protos Nitro. The helicopter is "on the final", it will land at the dealers soon. The helicopter is the successor of the original MSH Protos Nitro which was released in 2017.

XLPower Protos Nitro to arrive

As Ra Kabun informed us recently, all parts are being manufactured now. It is expected the helicopter will arrive in weeks to continue process of bringing all MSH models back to the market. The helicopter will be similar to the original model, but few changes are anticipated as well as on other Protos models released recently. In addition, this will be the first nitro helicopter of XLPower.

Price, details and release date are not announced yet.

Jesse Kavros is testing the original Protos Nitro in 2017

XLPower Protos Nitro to arrive