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19 November 2019

Canberra Helifest 2019
Nice turn-out and a wonderful weekend

The Canberra Helifest was taken in place last weekend in Australia. Most of the local top pilots and few others from the rest of the world enjoyed the Canberra Helifest funfly, although it was a little bit hectic due to the weather. Many brands were represented there, at this well organised event.

Canberra Helifest 2019
Canberra Helifest 2019 / Photos: Ozzy Mozzy / click for more...

In the gallery

Ozzy Mozzy uploaded and shared about 140 picures on the Facebook in this album. Our gallery is just a selection of those pictures. Check those out.

The event sponsored by Soxos Australia, Heli-Professional and Zen RC Heli Specialist was held at the Grace Grasslands Natural Reserve near to Canberra.

After a shortened Friday, the organisers had to shorten Saturday as well, because the wind became stronger in the afternoon, and the fire hazard increased again. Dennis Beilby reported, few spectacular crashes happened on Saturday, and perhaps the wind was among the reasons. Once there was a crash at each fligh line followed each other within minutes. 

Along the conventional flights, pilots like Simone Zunterer and Raquel Bellot, Jack Milsom and Rhys Wyatt, Josh Labita and Damon van der Linde, then Raquel and Rhys were flying combos together.

On Sunday, the things got a little crazy as Dennis informed us, in the afternoon, as the pilots began to fly bladestop autotorations with successes and... failures as well. The Helifest in Australia is over for now, but it will be back next year.

Canberra Helifest 2019