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19 November 2019

Align 450 and 470 series to continue
Confirmed, Align changes the manual policy

It was misleading, Align hasn't published any manuals of 450 and 470 series on the website, whilst the 300 got published. Our speculation about the discontinued model series wasn't true luckily. The T-Rex 450 and 470 models remain on the market available.

Align 450 and 470 series to continue

Keith Wallinger just informed us, he can confirm that the 450 and 470 series remain on the market. Align is not planning apparently to discontinue the models. The most recent version of the T-Rex 450 and 470 series will remain on the market.

However Align is also not planning to publish the manuals of these models, due to the fact, these are the most copied helicopters by other "copycat" companies. These manuals will not be available on the facory manual page at all. The manuals provided in printed format with the kits.