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15 November 2019

Canberra Helifest
Weather ruined Friday

The Canberra Helifest is taken in place this weekend in Australia. The weather is dry there at this time of the year and yesterday even the wind was strong. This is why Friday has been finished prematurely.

Canberra Helifest
Photos: Robyn van der Linde

The heli girls, Raquel Bellot and Simone Zunterer have arrived to Australia with no problems, and even Raquel has got her helis at this time, the heli case didn't get lost.

Few of the pilots, like Raquel, Simone and Rhys Wyatt, the 11-year-old star of Align risked to fly in the strong wind, but as Dennis Beilbe from Soxos Australia told us, the conditions weren't enjoyable at all due to the wind. The event got finished around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, due to the risk of fire. It sounds weird, but the dry lawn and strong wind is the best combination to create a massive, unstoppable fire from a little LiPo smoke.

Tomorrow looks way better by the forecast, the mercury is promised around 25°C high and even the wind will be moderated to 20 km/h gusts maximum.

Canberra Helifest