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13 November 2019

Align T-Rex 450, 470 discontinued?
Disproved: Align will finish the series

It seems, Align is planning to finish the production of both the T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 470 series. It is not confirmed, but the signs all indicate that. We have asked Align for more details.

Align T-Rex 450, 470 discontinued?
Align T-Rex 450 Pro V2

Updated at the bottom of the page

When we checked the manuals on the Align website recently, there weren't 450 and 470 PDF files available. This is why we asked Align to give us more details. The Align Corporation replied quickly, however, the answer is a bit unclear:

According to our company policy, the manuals of T-REX 250~450 series helicopter are unable to be available on our website publicly

There are two options: Align has changed the policy in order to manuals or the previous policy is still in place, which declares that the discontinued products have no manuals on the Align website. This is why neither the 100 nor the 250 manuals are available there anymore. In addition, the most recent version manuals of these models were available two months earlier.

Also a sign, more spare parts and models are unavailable at the retailers, more spare parts are "out of stock", which means these spare parts are not available in backorder either.

The Align T-Rex 450 was the longest running series at the Taiwan company. T-Rex 450, T-Rex 450 XL, T-Rex 450 SE, T-Rex 450 SE V2, T-Rex 450 Pro, T-Rex 450DFC, T-Rex 450 Sport, T-Rex 450L, T-Rex 450LT and who knows how many other variants were produced for more than a decade. Perhaps the 450 series was the most popular model family of Align until the recent times. And perhaps the number of clone variants produced by other companies was the highest among the RC helicopter models. Most of the pilots beginning to fly around 2010 have learned the basics on these models. The number of spare parts is around 500 all together to all variants.

The 470 was a short living model, it could not become so popular. Since 2016 there were two main versions only, and more variants in order to the equipment. The concurrent brands all have a similar model in the 380 class, which all provide the similar flying experiences. The 450 and 470 models have many parts in common.

Once again, this is just a presumption,

UPDATE - The speculation is disproved

Keith Wallinger form Align UK informed us, the models will continue on the market, however these manuals will not published on the Align website. Details in the related article.


Align T-Rex 450, 470 discontinued?

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