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13 November 2019

Gaui NEX6 ready to go
Price and details

The Gaui just announced this morning, the new NEX6 is ready. The final product is slightly different from the prototype models introduced at Global 3D, and the kit will be different from the originally told, however, the main concept remained the same.

The Gaui NEX6 is a nitro or electric model, not that many parts have to change for switching between the different configuration. The biggest difference compared to the original prototype is the location of the motor. Originally the motor was in the back part of the main frame, but the final version got the motor in the front. In case of 6 cells configuration the motor is located where the nitro engine would be, just behind the battery. 

When the helicopter is flying in 12 cells configuration, the motor is turned upside down, because the second battery use the space of the motor. The helicopter can be converted to nitro as well without replacing the side frames or any main components.


As it is known and the company just informed us: The kit is just released in limited numbers, therefore it is expected, the first batch will be sold out shortly. The kit will arrive in 6 cells configuration. The price is $499. Gaui would like to provide as much freedom as possible, so the kit does not have blades or any electric components. A different main gear, a different motor mount and another motor pinion is required for the 12 cells configuration, which is available as an upgrade kit. Also the nitro components (including the fuel tank, mounts, the motor cover and few other bits) are sold separate as an upgrade kit. 

The kit is expected to be listed in the Gaui stores at any moment.

The nitro configuration
The electric configuration