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13 November 2019

A 15-year-old RC heli pilot: Sivan Hochma
A girl flying helis and her father, Erez

A video just turned up on the Facebook: A little girl is flying a nitro heli. This video was recorded 5 years ago. We wanted to know more about this lady. Here we are, let us introduce Sivan Hochma and her dad, Erez.

A 15-year-old RC heli pilot: Sivan Hochma

Sivan is flying with his dad in Israel. Erez, his father has been flying with helicopters for years, and Sivan decided to try it out 5 years ago, when she realised, she is able to fly with RC helicopters on her own, she knew that she wants to do it more serious. At that time she was 10 years old. 

This is how it began: 4 years ago

Sivan was flying with an Align T-Rex 600N at the beginning, which is not a so typical first model, and her heli is a Gaui X5 now. Sivan has flown with Vibe, T-Rex, Velocity, Gaui and Goblin models, but she doesn't have a favourite model, as she said, the tuning and the style is more important than the model itself to her. The Hochma family, father and daughter own more helis, they can choose which one they prefer to fly actually.

Sivan 2 years ago
A year ago
This year

Her style is F3C and soft 3D, Sivan doesn't prefer the smacking. She has been flying since 2014 continuously, but she doesn't compete. This is more her decision rather than anything else, although her knowledge would make her able to compete. The other reason, Sivan doesn't think that she could have enough time practicing to a competition, as she is still studying. 

There's conscription in Israel, which is compulsory even for girls, this is why Sivan would like to go to the Air force, and her dream is being helicopter pilot. Space and aerodynamics science studying is among her plans, she would like to be a scientist.

And from now on, we can follow her progress in the hobby... 

Daddy - Erez Hochma
Erez Hochma

A 15-year-old RC heli pilot: Sivan Hochma