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12 November 2019

Gaui NEX6 to be released soon
Release process in the final stage

The Gaui NEX6 is an interesting conception, the helicopter can be either nitro or electric with no major conversion. It was introduced at Global 3D in July, this year, and the release process has just arrived to the final stage.

Gaui NEX6 to be released soon
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This helicopter was seen at Gaui during the Global 3D weekend in the Netherlands this summer. The conception integrates the nitro and the electric helicopter into one model, only few components have to be replaced to convert between the two configuration, however the main frame and its elements remains untouched - excluding the motor or engine and their required accessories obviously.

When the helicopter is using nitro engine, that will get in the front of the helicopter, like at any other nitro helicopters. When the helicopter is used as electric model, the motor will get in the back of the main frame, and the place of the nitro engine accommodates the batteries.

Price and other details are not published yet, and the helicopter is still not available even in the shop of Gaui. However the company has changed the banner image of the Facebook page couple of days ago, since then more photos and other information get posted.

We asked Gaui to tell us more, stay tuned...

Gaui NEX6 to be released soon