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08 November 2019

MSH Protos 380 Evo returns
XLPower to release the 380 Evo in two weeks

The Protos 380 Evo returns to the market. XLPower brings the model back and it will be released in two weeks. There are differences compared to the original MSH Protos 380 Evo as always in the new versions, but these differences are not so significant.

The XLPower Protos 380 Evo will be released in two weeks. The standard retail price $349 (ex. tax) or €429 (inc. tax). Pre-order is now open at XLPower dealers.

The new Protos 380 Evo is slightly different from its predecessor, there is no tensioner at the main belt, and the motor pinion supports the 5mm motor shaft only. 

The Protos 380 Evo is a mainly similar to the Protos 380, but the tail servo is accommodated within the main frame, the tail boom is quite different, therefore no tail support brace is required. The entire tail unit is different. The canopy design provides better airflow than the canopy of the Protos 380.

The kit comes with tail blades, all other accessories can be purchased separately.