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08 November 2019

Fastech becomes Theta
The servo company changes the name

Fastech changes its name to Theta. The servo company will keep the logo, colours, the products, the appearance all, except the name. This step is required to enter the European market officially. The change has happened already, and the company uses the new name everywhere.

Fastech becomes Theta

Fastech could not enter the European market officially due to its name. The name is a registered brand in Europe, and it has RC hobby interests as well. The name belongs to the Robitronic - as we know - this is why the Fastech cannot run under the name anymore.

By this change the company will able to enter the European market, and the servos can get listed in the European shops. The company will use the THETA name in the future from now on. However the transition period takes time, because the existing products with the former name have to go first.