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06 November 2019

Mikado Logo 800 details
Kyle Dahl shares information about the new model

Kyle Dahl just posted few details about the new Mikado Logo 800 in the Scorpion Blog. The helicopter was introduced at Rotor Live earlier in March, and it is promised to be released in December.

Mikado Logo 800 details
Mikado Logo 800 in the air / Photo: Kyle Dahl

Kyle Dahl wrote about the helicopter in the Scorpion Blog. Next to a long history of the class at Mikado, Kyle has written the details of the model and its current state as well. It's hoped, the helicopter will be released in December.

The helicopter is based on the Logo 700, but more components are changed to match the requirements the 800 class. The main frame is similar to the 700 main frame, it will be the similar design plastic frame, however the lower part is bigger to accommodate the bigger battery packs. The tail boom diameter is 30mm. The tail case is going to be metal. And the canopy and the landing gear will fit the 800 size.

810mm blades and 130mm tail blades can be used on the helicopter. The total take-off weight will be about 6kg including the 14 cells battery packs. 

As Mr. Dahl reported, the helicopter behaves really well on all RPMs between 1000 and 1900 and despite its dimensions, it will be very agile and quick.

The helicopter was seen at Rotor Live in March first time, and Kyle Dahl presented it in action in late October recently.