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01 November 2019

A legend leaves: Alan Szabo Sr. dies

Alan Szabo Sr passed away on Friday. Alan was 67 years old. A legend, mentor and father of the famous brothers Alan and Danny has gone far too early. Condolences of the entire RC helicopter hobby to the whole family.

A legend leaves: Alan Szabo Sr. dies

The RC helicopter sport would be quite different and much poorer without him. His sons Alan and Danny are among the most famous pilots, and the father motivated and led them on the good way. Alan Szabo Sr. was an iconic member of the American and the whole RC communities.

Alan Szabo Sr. was seen flying last time in January, when he and his son Alan were flying together an Align T-Rex 550 in buddy boxing. The sad news reported on Facebook.

Alan Szabo Sr. & Jr. are flying together