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31 October 2019

Spektrum iX20
A very promising transmitter from Spektrum RC

Spektrum just announced the new iX20 Android based transmitter, which can be a very strong competitor of the most popular transmitters in the market. It has got many interesting features and solutions and even the price is not so terrifying.

Spektrum iX20

This is the second transmitter after the iX12 using Android and smart, innovative technologies, but this transmitter goes further to be genuine competitor of the most popular transmitters.

The new transmitter uses a really big 5" touchscreen, controlled by Android which adapts many well known technologies from the mobile phones, like speech recognition, so typing is not required always. Due to the technology many other common services become available. The menu is configurable and customised, the big, high resolution screen gives a good usability as all parameters adjusted on the touch screen. And Spektrum could eliminate one of the weakest part of their transmitters, which was a common problem: the menu wheel.

The transmitter itself is ergonomic indeed, and reminds to the common root with JR transmitters. The transmitter supports all stick modes from 1 to 4 and integrates many comfort functions. Non-slip rubber grips built on the side frames. All switches are adjustable to the functions and of course the stick tension and length are also adjustable.

The new Spektrum iX20 20-channel transmitter has got a camera at the back, which can record even HD videos. The integrated RF module is DSMX/DSM2 compatible on 2.4 GHz, and it does not limits you to Spektrum RF system, alternative RF modules can be used through the cross-fire connector. WiFi, Bluetooth, USB connections are all integrated.

The recommended retail price of the transmitter is $1,399.99. And for this price not just the transmitter arrives, the case, neckstraps, alternative orange grips, stickers are all included.

The full feature list is published at Spektrum RC. As we think, this transmitter is the ultimate transmitter apparently in the hobby.

Spektrum iX20