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19 October 2019

AccuRC 2.0.10 production release is out
soXos Strike 7, Synergy 696 and Goblin Kraken Nitro added

The most recent version of AccuRC, the 2.0.10 production release has got available Saturday afternoon to all AccuRC users. This version contains three anticipated models: soXos Strike 7, Synergy 696 and SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro by Scott Graham. All models come from genuine sources.

AccuRC 2.0.10 production release is out

These models were available earlier in the alpha release (the test version of AccuRC to discover all glitches), but they were very satisfying in that stage as well, this is why AccuRC could release the models so quick to everyone. All models made by genuine source CAD files, therefore they are as accurate as expected from AccuRC. 

We have tested the early versions of all three models, and no doubt the final models are really satisfying. 

Version 2.0.10 update downloads to all users automatically via Steam clients, it has to get installed (with active internet connection) in the next couple of days.