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17 October 2019

Spirit 2: Revolutionary solutions
The new flybarless system announced

The Czech Spirit System just announced the new Spirit 2 FBL system which targets all helicopters between 250 and 800 class and also applicable for airplanes as well. The new system has got some very interesting, world first solutions as well.

Spirit 2: Revolutionary solutions

The flybarless system has got a 12-axis gyroscope sensor, this is the first FBL system using this technology. The Spirit 2 promises super smooth and precise control in all manoeuvres and less sensible to vibrations than any similar devices.

As the Spirit System informed us, all pins on the device protected to prevent any damages due to improper wiring. the brown-out protection is also extended, everything connected to the device is separated from the unit's core. This is why when even a failed device is connected to the unit, it doesn't affect its operation. The most visible difference compared to the previous model that the connectors got relocated to the short side from the top, but as they promise this doesn't affect the reliability due to the single piece PCB design.

The Spirit 2 can be flashed with "aero firmware" making it compatible with airplanes as well, and this is not limited and doesn't cost more. 

The Spirit 2 supports fully the GeoLink (GPS/GNSS). Rescue and stabilisation functions offered as well with no additional fee.

The system is available now in their store for 3 899,00 Kč (+VAT) which is about £130 (+21% VAT within the EU).


Spirit 2: Revolutionary solutions