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17 October 2019

Summer and Dave Fisher are members of SAB UK
Team SAB UK expands

Two new members on Team SAB UK: Summer and Dave Fisher, father and daughter. They have been flying for long time and both are really active members of the UK RC helicopter community.

Summer and Dave Fisher are members of SAB UK

Dave Fisher is one of the evangelists on the hobby in the United Kingdom, Summer followed him. They have been flying with Align T-Rex models until now, but a few weeks ago Dave announced the change not telling which one is the following brand. From now on Dave and Summer are on the Team SAB UK - reported by Dave on his Facebook Page. But this doesn't mean they left their original sponsor, ATModels will continue their sponsorship as well.

Dave and Summer attend almost all UK events, and they achieve good results everywhere. Dave has got the 5th place in Pro class, Summer the 2nd in Inters class at Helifest earlier this year. In the F3N league competition series Dave has got the 3rd, Summer the 4th place this year.