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16 October 2019

Krisztián Nagy to be on Team Egodrift
The Hungarian pilot joins the family.

Krisztián Nagy will be member of Team Egodrift - announced on Facebook. Krisztián is less known abroad, but his knowledge got recognised by the Hong Kong company giving Krisztián an opportunity to prove.

Krisztián Nagy to be on Team Egodrift

Krisztián has got a great and unique opportunity from Vincent Offenbeck and Yutao Zou to join the team of Egodrift, to become part of Egodrift Family. By this move Krisztián will be flying with such pilots like Kenny Ko, Kan Poonnoi, Marius Gehle, Hamish Scott, Ludovic Abrignani, Thanawin Kiatgungwalgri, Daniel Schreier, Jason Lin, Carl-Henning Siebert. And this shows how Egodrift recognise people, as Krisztián has no any big competition result so far, he has competed in local contests only so far.

As Krisztián expressed on his Facebook page:

I am delighted to announce, that from today on I am strengthening Team Egodrift - the Egofamily. I have to say thanks for all of these to Vincent Offenbeck and Yutao Zou. First, they voted for me in confidence, second, I can be a member of an extraordinary team, a special family. I'd like to raise that Egodrift is not a well defined brand, instead it is a cohesive team, where:
- the motivation
- interests
- aims
- attitude
of all members are the same, therefore this is a big family as well.
After many test flights, I've chosen the Egodrift Tengu 4530HS 510kV motor. I'll fly my 700 class helicopters with these motors. Why? Because the dynamics and power of Egodrift motors is outstanding - comparing to motors in the category I know them well - and this is combined with perfect efficiency. And the working temperature of these motors is awesome. I experienced it is not required to cool or let them cool down, I could fly again and again with them.... Does a dedicated RC helicopter pilot need more?

Krisztián tested the Egodrift motors already, but this recognition is surprising, in order to that big companies like to recognise people with big achievements only. It is true, in case of Egodrift this is not the first time, when a less known name gets nominated into their team.