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08 October 2019

AccuRC: Two new models added
soXos Strike 7 and Synergy 696 in the alpha release

Two anticipated models have been added to AccuRC, which are now available in the alpha branch of the 2.0.10. The soXos Strike 7 and the Synergy 696 will be available in the next production release very soon.

AccuRC: Two new models added

AccuRC has got two eagerly anticipated models just now: the soXos Strike 7 and the Synergy 696 - among other changes and fixes. The models are available in the alpha (test software branch) release now, and they will be included in the production version as well very soon. 

We have tested briefly both models and they are very agile and capable models in the simulator. AccuRC has been working on the models for long time, but the final outcome explains the long waiting time.

Synergy 696 has been released in July, this year, therefore the model is quite new in the market even in real life. The 700 class electric model feels very promising in AccuRC, although we have no real experience with it in reality.

The soXos Strike 7 has been released officially two month earlier, in May, however the model got presented first time at Rotor Live 2019. Later on the model was shown by many pilots at various events, like at Helifest UK, Heli Challenge and 3D Furtivos. This helicopter uses quite interesting mechanical solutions, this makes the soXos Strike 7 very interesting.

Both models can be enjoyed in AccuRC by the end users soon, but alpha users can test them already.  

AccuRC: Two new models added