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04 October 2019

New motors from Egodrift
Scale collection - a whole new series

Egodrift is about to announce the new product line of Egodrift motors, which are designed for Scale helicopter models to match the requirements of the different purpose. The new product line is the "Scale collection"

Egodrift Scale Collection motors are targeting the scale helicopter models. Egodrift is planning to release 5 motor models with various motor options, therefore the product line will be covering about 90 per cent of the needs for scale helicopters. 

Both the 4025 and 4035 will get a new shaft option of 6×40mm.

The new series will have its individual design as well to identify them easier. The motors will be available at Egodrift authorised dealers soon.

Motors in the new Scale collection

  • 4025HS/950~1000kV for superscale models.*
  • 4025HS/830~850kV for the Align T-Rex based scale models.*
  • 4035HS/460kV for longer flight time with the new Kontronik ESC setup
  • 4035HS/520kV
  • 4525HS/515kV

*These motors are being tested now, no final specification is available yet. Final list is subject to change..