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02 October 2019

BK Podcast is back
After 2 month pause Episode 49 published

BK Podcast returned to us finally, Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy have recorded the most recent episode and it is out now. They talked about the reasons of this long break among many other interesting topics.

BK Podcast is back

In this episode Bert and Kyle explained why they kept this break: lack of motivation. Not just creating the podcasts, they weren't too motivated by the hobby since the IRCHA show. It wasn't certain this episode was going to happen, although the opposite variation wasn't decided either, just it did not happen. More details in the podcast.

Then they were talking about about the new variation of Goblin Kraken which is the yellow-blue colour scheme as a kit instead of the upgrade parts. Audience got informed, that edition will be 80 dollars more expensive than the original orange edition. 

Of course the one hour long podcast was about many other topics, like event, private life, personal stories, history, in general it worth to listen it

However the end part of the podcast is a bit worrying: Bert and Kyle were discussing whether they need to continue the series, or other podcasts can take this task instead of them. It is time to react by the audience now, everybody interested in BK Podcast can tell them via Facebook, Instagram, email, why they should carry on.