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01 October 2019

Egodrift solutions for Synergy 516/516S
New motor options released for compatibility

Egodrift just announced new motor options for the Tengu 4020HS and 4025HS motors for Synergy 516 and 516S helicopter models. The Tengu 4020HS/1190kV is for the 516 and the Tengu 4025HS/1220kV is recommended for Synergy 516S.

By the new options customers can choose between the standard 6mm or the new 5mm motorshafts on the Egodrift website during the purchase and the motor will arrive with the selected motor shaft. In addition there are 2 length variants of 6 mm shafts available too. The price is not affected by the option selection.

These options are available for the motors afterwards as well, they are sold as separate products on the Egodrift website and contain the bearings and the bushings too. 

The new motorshaft - 5×32mm - is specialised for the requirements at Synergy 516 and 516S models. The Egodrift Tengu 4020HS/1190kV is recommended for the Synergy 516, the 500 class helicopter, and the Egodrift Tengu 4025HS/1220kV is the motor for the Synergy 516S stretch version, which is the 550 class model.

Egodrift solutions for Synergy 516/516S