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01 October 2019

Oxy presents some upgrade parts
Coloured tail booms and few other upgrades available

Oxy Helicopters has presented the brand new coloured tail booms for all Oxy models - with some limitations. Also few other upgrade parts are announced, like the new additional motor shaft support for the Oxy 5 Meg edition.

Oxy presents some upgrade parts

Lynx Heli Innovation keeps adding the new upgrade parts  to the Oxy product list - perhaps more to come, however the most visible upgrade of this batch is the new coloured tail boom series. All the upgrades are reported by the OXY Heli Addict page.

These new products are all available on the website to order, however not all are in stock according to the webshop stock.

The tail boom upgrade is available for all classes of Oxy helicopters, however there are some limitations. For example: in case of Oxy 2 just the stretched tail boom can be replaced with the new version, although that tail boom is also optional upgrade. In case of normal tail the belt has to be also replaced, but it is available on the website as well.

However the new, spectacular design has got a nice price tag too. These new tail booms cost almost twice as much as the original ones sometimes, but all of them are way more expensive.