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29 September 2019

SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro in AccuRC
New models and new scenery to arrive soon

AccuRC just posted a picture on the Facebook about the new - not official - SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro in AccuRC. Well the model is not in any branches yet, but it will arrive soon.

SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro in AccuRC

AccuRC received the CAD files and the information they need to create the virtual version of this model, therefore the development is in progress, but it is promised, the not official - however beloved model by Scott Graham - Kraken will be in AccuRC and it will happen before the Version 3 which is also about to be released soon.

Besides the Kraken Nitro, Jonas Wackershauser and Erik Harbich from AccuRC attended the Böblinger Modellflugtage, and if they were there, they spent the time useful to include this model airfield in AccuRC, so Böblinger will be available in the Precision simulator in the nearly future.