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28 September 2019

Oxy 2 with autorotation
Main gear with one way system about to release

It's known, this size of RC helicopters are not so famous about their autorotation abilities. And the Oxy 2 didn't pretend either it's able to make it, but the approach was a bit strict. This is now about to change, the new one way system is coming for the helicopter.

Oxy 2 with autorotation

The Oxy 2 article was published on the site recently, and it's there, this lack of one way system caused a little surprise even to us during the first test flights. It seems now this is changing, and the helicopter will get the one way system as part of the main gear - although this is an upgrade part and not the default main gear.

The main gear makes the main shaft able to rotate independently in one direction, therefore the motor switched off will not stop the main rotor. As a consequence, the landing can be softer with throttle hold on, because the lift produced by the main rotor and its self spinning lift is longer.

The system will work like a similar system in the Align T-Rex 250, which means the tail rotor is not part of the autorotation, just the main rotor will work independently form the motor.

The U.S. price of the OSP-1376 upgrade part will be $39.20 (excluding taxes), therefore we expect the upgrade part sold around €40 (with all taxes) in Europe. 

Oxy 2 with autorotation