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25 September 2019

ROTOR in English
International edition in digital format

The ROTOR magazine, which was available only in German so far, becomes available in English as well. The digital edition has published first time.


The Rotor wanted to fill up a gap, as there is no serious newspaper about RC helicopters on the international platform in English. The magazine is issued in digital format and available on the pocketmags.com. This is like a real newspaper just it's not printed. The magazine is £5.49. 

The Rotor is the biggest related media followed by more than 4 thousand people on social media, and printed every month. The magazine covers entire Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, Belgium, France partially. The Rotor is more than 30 years old and dedicated to RC helicopters only. They organise the famous Rotor Live in Iffezheim, Germany every year.

The English international edition is an experiment and this is the first time, when it's issued.