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19 September 2019

XLPower 3215 for Protos 380
XLPower motor in OEM production

XLPower just announced the new 3215 920kV motor for the Protos 380 primarily. But the motor fits in any similar size models as well. The motor is manufactured in OEM which means the logo and the brand is XLPower, but made by another company.

XLPower 3215 for Protos 380

And which company produces this motor? Egodrift, this is why the quality is guaranteed. Egodrift has got similar motors as well (3220), however the XLPower version is 30% cheaper than the similar Egodrift Tengu motors, the price tag reads $89.99 only. Obviously the power provided by this motor is not the same, but it's absolutely enough for average users.

The motor will be available at the XLPower distributors and dealers soon.